On Request for Long-Term Contracts

Chipper truck and water trucks hire.

Minimum Charges for Equipment Hire

All machinery and attachments are available for wet hire with minimum charges based on their hourly hire rates (with the minimum hire being 4 hours per day). Each Minimum Hire charge falls within the machine pricing structure, except for after-hours work (detailed below). It’s important to note that all attachments have a minimum hire period of 1 hour.

Penalty Rates for After-Hours Work

For work:

  1. Conducted during public holidays and Sundays, an additional charge of $35 + GST per hour will be applicable throughout the day. Additionally, there is an 8-hour minimum hire charge for these instances.
  2. Scheduled between 6pm and 5am from Monday to Saturday, an extra charge of $35 + GST per hour will be incurred, along with an 8-hour minimum charge.

Wear & Tear of Auger / Bucket Teeth

Excessive wear on auger or bucket teeth will result in a replacement charge.

Rock Augers

The usage of rock augers will come with an additional cost of $20 per hour on top of the Post Hole Borer Rate.

Equipment Sourcing

Equipment sourced from other Earthmoving Companies may incur a higher rate.

Negotiable Rates

Rates are open to negotiation for guaranteed long-term hire agreements.

Tip Fees

Charges related to tipping activities will have an associated surcharge. Prior communication to our office is required for all dumping arrangements on Earth Shifters account.

Rate Flexibility

All rates are based on hourly hire and are subject to change without prior notification. Billing time is calculated in 15-minute increments.


If machinery reservations are not cancelled at least 1 hour before the start time (or 1.5 hours if beyond 30km from the CBD), the Minimum Hire charge will apply. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to cancel in case of wet weather. Failure to do so will result in the application of the minimum hire charge.

Delivery Fee / Travel Charges (excluding Float Fee)

Travel charges are applicable based on the distance from the Brisbane CBD:

  • Within a 30km radius: 1 hour of travel
  • Between 30km to 60km: 1.5 hours of travel
  • Over 60km: Price determined at booking time.


If machinery is carried over to the next day, half of the first day’s travel charge applies (excluding Trucks & Water Trucks, which have 1 hour travel each day). If the machine is signed off early, the full travel charge will be levied on the carryover. A full travel charge is incurred if the job is less than 8 hours, as 8 hours constitute a full day including travel. This does not apply to jobs starting as the second task.


Float cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to the scheduled job commencement to avoid a full float charge.

Toll Charges

Toll charges are applicable for travel between Tip Sites or between jobs for the same customer on the same day.

COD Customers

Customers paying by Cash on Delivery (COD) must provide valid credit card details for full payment at the end of each day. A minimum hire charge may be taken before the job begins.

Terms Governing Earth Shifters' Earthmoving Services Supply

The provision of earthmoving services by Earth Shifters is subject to the terms outlined within these two pages, the work docket (including its overleaf), and any other mutually agreed-upon terms with the client. The client’s signature on the work docket indicates satisfaction with the completed work. Any concerns regarding the work must be raised by the client prior to signing the work docket, as signing signifies the client’s waiver of rights and claims stemming from those concerns.

Toll Charges

For a comprehensive version of our terms and conditions, please request a copy by emailing office@earthshifters.com.au.

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