On Request for Long-Term Contracts

It is Earth Shifters QLD Pty Ltd’s company policy to establish, promote and maintain safe working conditions for all company employees at all times. The company acknowledges it also has a responsibility to operate in such a manner as to avoid any danger to the general public and employees of other companies working in or around our work areas.
The company will make every reasonable effort in the areas of accident prevention, hazard control or removal, and health and safety promotion. The company will always adopt and support safe work practices and supply appropriate safety equipment where necessary.

Earth Shifters will:

● Conform to all relevant legislative regulations and guidelines.
● Consult and cooperate with HSR’s, Safety committees and Workers.
● Comply with other requirements placed upon Earth Shifters by our Clients.

These points will be achieved by:

● Identify hazards related to the company activities.
● Assess the risks associated with the hazards.
● Determine what control measures are to be taken.
● Involve all company personnel in the process by means of training and communication.
● Consider the concerns of and communicate with interested parties.
● Maintain a policy of continual improvement through regular reviews.

It is everyone’s responsibility to work safely and responsibly, including but not limited to, Earth Shifters staff members, Site personnel, Subcontractors, Contractors and employees. Safety in the office will be the responsibility of the Manger of that office., Safety on construction sites will be the responsibility of the respective Project Manager.

This Policy is a public document that will be displayed at the Company’s Office and made available to all interested parties.

It is noted that the success of the safety policy depends on the efforts of every member of the company and therefore involvement in safe working practices from all workers is welcome and encouraged. To this extent should any worker perceive any hazard and/or problem regarding Health and Safety in the workplace it is requested that you report this immediately to your Foreman, Supervisor, or Project Manager so that the necessary steps can be taken to rectify the problem.

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